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Rosedale Park BEAR HUNT GAME!

The Rosedale Park "Bear Hunt" game is a simple one to enjoy for all residence of Rosedale Park.

Home owners can simply put a stuffed bear, or zebra, or whatever you have laying around the house in one of your front windows. Then kids (or adults) are treated to a neighborhood treasure hunt to find the most displays as they can.


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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Rosedale Park residents may need a hand - no problem! Other Rosedale Park residents are willing to lend a hand.  That’s why we set up our “Give and Take” program:  if you need some help, let us know by clicking on the blue “Request Assistance” button.  If you’re willing to provide some help, click on the Red “Sign Up to Volunteer” button.

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A Message from RPIA President on Coronavirus

Stephanie A. Young
Precinct Delegate 324/Rosemont Block Captain/RPIA 2020 President

There continues to be a great deal of uncertainty around what to expect during the COVID-19 health emergency.  The one thing to be certain of – we, as a community, are stronger together.  Accurate and current information is at the core of keeping one another safe and healthy.  Please see the following and share with your neighbors, family and friends.

If you need assistance with small tasks or would like to volunteer to assist your neighbors visit the RPIA assistance request network @

What Information Should You Trust About COVID-19

What You Need To Do To Prevent The Rapid Spread of COVID-19

What To Do If You Develop Symptoms of COVID-19

Download a full pdf version of this message for distribution to your block

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NEZ Property Tax Reduction Available to Qualified Rosedale Residents

If you own and occupy your home in the Rosedale Park neighborhood AND you purchased it after 12/31/96, you are likely eligible for a 15-25% reduction on your property taxes!  Many eligible homeowners are already benefitting from this program, known as the Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Homestead property tax abatement.   The NEZ tax reduction certificate is good for 15 years.


How can you tell if you are already enrolled ?

If you are currently receiving two tax bills – one for a parcel #22-xxxxxxx and another for a parcel #27-xxxxxxx – you are already enrolled in this program.  If you purchased your home after 12/31/96 and are receiving only one tax bill, for a parcel #22-xxxxxxx, you need to apply for the NEZH!

Necessary qualifications

Here are the requirements for the NEZH, courtesy of the Detroit Assessor’s Office:

How to apply for the program

You may pick up an application in person at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Office of the Assessor, in Suite 804; you may request one by email to; or you may call 313- 224-6989 to ask that one be mailed to you.
Is there a deadline to file ?

The Office of the Assessor accepts applications all year. Please keep in mind that the abatement is effective the year after you purchase the property.
Applications submitted before October 1 will be processed to apply to the following year’s taxes.  Any application submitted after October 1 will be processed the following year.

Necessary documentation

I’ve heard that NEZ Homesteads are being extended -  is this true ?

YES !!! If you are currently in the program and are nearing the end of your abatement, you will simply need to sign an affidavit stating that the property continues to be your principal residence and that you will commit to a minimum of $500 in improvements over a 3-year period and a new certificate will be issued for your property.

For additional information, contact the Detroit Assessor’s office at the number above.  And feel free to share this information with friends and associates.

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Want to pay your property taxes online? Here's how.

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Behind in your property tax payments?

If you have fallen behind in your property tax payments, you may be eligible for an interest free loan for up to $30,000 to help catch up. You can read more about it in the Michigan state program's flyer by clicking here.

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Welcome to Rosedale Park!

We are a community of nearly 1600 households, located on the northwest side of Detroit. Our neighborhood has received historic designation, in recognition of the fine architectural styles and diversity of our homes. Our neighborhood association, the Rosedale Park Improvement Association (RPIA), was founded in 1929, and is one of our most valuable assets. Check out our web site and learn more about our activities, our publications, and our personnel. Contact us to let us know what you think.

The benefits that we derive from living in this beautiful neighborhood depend upon a commitment to our community and a respect for the rights of our neighbors.

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