Congress for New Urbanism to plan improvements on Grand River

GRDC has announced a series of planning meetings with a team from the Congress for New Urbanism, an internationally renowned organization of urban planners, designers, developers, and architects. The meetings are part of a project CNU is conducting as part of their world-wide convention, which will be held in Detroit this June.

Our community is one of four in the southeastern Michigan region selected to receive professional design assistance for Grand River Avenue between Warwick and Evergreen. Through a 3-day design process, residents, as well as elected and appointed officials, the Michigan Department of Transportation, the City of Detroit’s Planning and Development and Public Works Departments, business owners, property owners, cycling enthusiasts, commuters and walkers will be looking at Grand River Avenue and how we can calm traffic to make it a more walkable and enjoyable commercial corridor for our community.

We want as many sets of eyes as possible, as the team of consultants will conduct a series of feedback loops (essentially, they will take input, produce preliminary designs, take input on those designs, redesign, take more feedback, etc.)

Help plan the kind of friendly commercial street our neighborhood deserves.

The plan is to implement streetscape and traffic calming elements to this ‘focus area’ as a pilot, with the intention being an extension, should the pilot project prove successful. Please check out the current pilot project on Jefferson Avenue, which has an expansion already coming in 2017.

Events are scheduled Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 15, 16, and 17. All public meetings during this process will be held at Bushnell Congregational Church, 15000 Southfield, on the northbound service drive just south of Grand River.

Please visit this Facebook event page, and RSVP through Eventbrite.