NEW Snow Removal in Rosedale Park!!

Attention, Rosedale Park residents! We have important news to share with you about snow removal.


For 20+ years, Greener Still pushed the snow from Rosedale Park sidewalks and streets. The owner of Greener Still very recently retired and closed his business. Upon learning this, RPIA Public Works Committee jumped into action to solve this sudden lack of service for our community.


In the past, we received individual annual bills from Greener Still for sidewalk snow removal service. Less than 20 % of Rosedale households paid these bills. The Public Works Committee found no vendors interested in providing sidewalk snow service under those conditions. Therefore, Rosedale Park homeowners will now be responsible for pushing the snow off the public sidewalks adjacent to their properties.


To address the issue of street snow plowing, the Public Works Committee published an RFP (request for proposals) and received three bids.

After due consideration, the Public Works Committee awarded the contract for street snow removal for winter 2016-2017 to All Seasons Landscaping, owned by longtime Rosedale resident Vincent Ford. Vince has served for many years as an RPIA block captain, as well as assisting in numerous neighborhood and community clean-up projects at no cost to us. He has been plowing snow from the streets of our sister neighborhood, Grandmont #1, for 15+ years, and recently began providing service to the Grandmont area. We are delighted to award this contract to a resident of our own community and look forward to partnering with All Seasons this winter.


All Seasons makes the following requests to residents, to insure smooth operations this winter. Please read carefully and make the necessary adjustments.


Contact RPIA President Pam Weinstein at 313-231-2244 or