Snow Removal in Rosedale Park: DON'T GET STUCK!

When it's snowing in Rosedale Park ...

Rosedale residents are reminded to move all vehicles off the streets when snow is predicted.

Why? Our neighborhood association pays a private contractor to plow the snow from our streets, so that we are all able to get to work and to school on time. If your vehicle is parked on the street, the snowplow driver has no choice but to plow you in. That creates a big mess for you to dig out of and defeats the whole purpose of having our streets plowed.

If you routinely park on the street, begin planning now where you will move your vehicle. Think about selling or donating that unwanted car, and clearing out the garage so you can you can park in your driveway.

ALSO MOVE COURVILLE TRASH AND RECYCLING CARTS - Sometimes the snow may fly on a Sunday night/Monday morning. When that happens, be sure to place your Courville and Recycling Carts UP ON YOUR BERM, NOT ON THE STREET!! If you see your neighbor has forgotten, please remind them or lend a hand.

Working together, we can have a smooth winter season!