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New Book Club Title Released

May 15th, 2022

Alex Derdelakos

The 1619 Project

Created by Pulitzer prize winner, Nikole Hannah-Jones

Discussion on the The 1619 Project, a collection of essays and 36 poems that show "how the inheritance of 1619 reaches into every part of contemporary American society…"

The 1619 Projecty

For more information and to register for the discussion visit

Zoom discussion: Sunday, June 5, 4-6p

Book available at our local bookseller, Pages Bookshop (Discount using the code: RPIA C R). 19560 Grand River. You can also get in audio format.

2022 Speed Hump installations for Rosedale Park

Apr 8th, 2022

David Legg

The City of Detroit Department of Public Works (DPW) announced the speed hump program list for 2022 with more than 2700 speed humps on streets that qualify. Streets in Rosedale Park slated to get new speed humps include:
  • Artesian
  • Ashton
  • Auburn
  • Faust
  • Glastonbury
  • Greenview
  • Keeler
  • Minock
  • Rosemont
  • Stahelin
  • Warwick
  • Westwood
Multiple blocks in North Rosedale and Grandmont #1 are also slated to get new speed humps. You can check the list for your street and block by clicking here. The blocks are listed in alphabetical order by district, starting with District 1.
Residents who want to opt out of this year’s program have until April 27, 2022 and can do so only through the City's website.
A small number of speed humps approved last year that were not installed because of ongoing utility or resurfacing work will be among the first for this year. Please check this map to see all of the approved locations through 2021.  DPW has received more than 20,000 speed hump requests from residents. 

DWSD plans water and sewer main replacements in Rosedale Park, May 2022

Apr 8th, 2022

David Legg

Water and sewer line replacement in Rosedale Park 


Big project will affect many neighborhood blocks
The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is upgrading the water and sewer systems in Rosedale Park. Water system upgrades are already underway. Sewer system upgrades will begin in May. DWSD and contractors will perform work street by street and provide advance notification of construction. 
Lead service line replacement
DWSD will be replacing lead service lines with copper on streets ONLY where water main replacement is taking place. If a lead service line is identified at your house, the contractor will reach out to you to sign a lead service line agreement form and schedule the work. Sewer work will mainly be done by accessing easements in alleyways and manholes. 
Temporary service outages may be experienced and the  contractor will provide prior notice. Property restoration, such as lawns, sidewalks, driveway and fences occur after construction, as weather permits April through October.
Click here for more information and to view the slide presentation used in last week's virtual information meeting.
Is your block included in the project?
Blocks affected by WATER construction
Blocks affected by SEWER construction

Video from Mar 8th, 2022 General Membership Meeting

Apr 4th, 2022

Alex Derdelakos


Summary of Feb 15, 2022 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting regarding proposed asphalt plant in our area

Feb 16th, 2022

David Legg

By Pam Weinstein

NOTE:  Key organizers of our efforts have set up a group meeting/strategy session for Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 5 pm - see end of this article for Zoom details!

The sun was shining brightly this Tuesday morning as over twenty Grandmont Rosedale residents gathered at Detroit Public Safety Headquarters to attend the 10:15 am Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) hearing on a proposed asphalt mill in our neighborhood.  Another 130 interested members of the public joined via Zoom.

Hearing room seating was limited to 15 members of the public, so several supporters were not admitted to the building, some of whom took a great selfie in the parking lot outside (see attached photo).  


Among those inside the hearing room were Marsha Bruhn, North Rosedale resident and retired Director of the Planning Commission; Bryan Ferguson, Schoolcraft resident and vice-chair of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners, and Renee Ferguson, Schoolcraft resident; Nancy Bitzarakis, Rosedale resident; Evan Bitzarakis, Rosedale resident; Jim Dwight, Rosedale resident; Pam Weinstein, Rosedale resident; Mrs. McFarland, Grandmont resident.  

The petitioner (the asphalt mill owners), through their new attorney Lawrence Walker, asked for an adjournment (which means a postponement) due to the new attorney's having just been hired recently and his need for time to prepare and get up to speed on the case, given the environmental concerns about the property and the need to gather scientific evidence.  A lively discussion followed his request, which finally ended in a motion being made, seconded, and passed unanimously by BZA members to grant the request for an adjournment.  BZA Director Ribbron said a new hearing date would be worked out with the applicant.

The first speaker to respond to Attorney Walker's request for  adjournment was an attorney from the Detroit Law Department, who  noted the following:
the applicant appeared to lack “standing," because ASI JBE Holdings LLC is not currently the owner of the property at the proposed site (no purchase agreement was submitted with the application);
ASI JBE Holdings does not appear to be a legal entity, because it’s not registered with the State of Michigan; 

There was a lot of back and forth about these points - Attorney Walker said the necessary paperwork had been sent to BZA, the BZA Director seemed to acknowledge that and then he sent it over to the City attorney, who said he would review as soon as he received it and respond possibly within the hour, since there would be no grounds to honor a request for delay from an entity that lacks standing.  The meeting nonetheless proceeded, apparently without this matter having been clarified…!

Attorney Walker then complained vigorously about the following:
lack of proper notice to the asphalt applicant - he said they never received the official notice of the hearing to be held on Feb. 15
notices were sent to wrong addresses and to the wrong owner
notices carried incorrect addresses of the proposed site
notices included the designation of District 1, when the correct designation is District 7  
problems with the timing of when such notices were sent or received.  

All of this matters because there are STRICT LEGAL requirements about BZA’s duty to notify both the applicant and the public about their hearings.  All of the mishaps and mistakes described by Attorney Walker would be fertile ground for any future legal case against the BZA.  Similarly, any decision to deny the request for an adjournment could also be cited in court as evidence that the BZA treated the applicant unfairly, was prejudiced against them, etc.

All of which doubtless goes to explain why BZA members voted unanimously to grant the request for an adjournment.  The applicant’s side had some problems, possibly major, with standing and ownership.  The City side also had some problems - with notifications, process, etc., that could prove fatal in court.  With the decision to adjourn, both sides get a kind of “do-over.” :-)

This delay means more time for the applicant to prepare their case, but also more time for our side to do more research, strengthen our arguments, and recruit more supporters!  Our petition currently blew past 1000 signatures this morning and the BZA Director said he already had more than 200 letters in opposition.  Key organizers of our efforts are planning a group debrief/meeting/strategy session for Tuesday, Feb. 22nd at 5 pm - see below for info on how to join the Zoom call:

Topic: BZA Asphalt Plant Hearing Debrief
Time: Feb 22, 2022 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting


Jan 1st, 2016

Alex Derdelakos

Welcome to Rosedale Park!

We are a community of nearly 1600 households, located on the northwest side of Detroit. Our neighborhood has received historic designation, in recognition of the fine architectural styles and diversity of our homes. Our neighborhood association, the Rosedale Park Improvement Association (RPIA), was founded in 1929, and is one of our most valuable assets. Check out our web site and learn more about our activities, our publications, and our personnel. Contact us to let us know what you think.

The benefits that we derive from living in this beautiful neighborhood depend upon a commitment to our community and a respect for the rights of our neighbors.

Read the RPIA Creed below:

TOGETHER...the families of Rosedale Park have created a good place to live in - a place that preserves the pleasures of living in a small town though it is part of a large city.

These pleasures emanate from the pride of ownership that maintaining the good appearance of their homes as well as maintaining desirable living conditions.
Through their efforts, civic improvements, social activities and other projects have been accomplished to conserve the joy and increase the pride of the community.

As a resident of Rosedale Park, this is my heritage! appreciation for the work that has been done to establish this highly desirable neighborhood and to prove us worthy of the friendship of our neighbors, I PLEDGE MY FAMILY TO...

City Living is Great....It's Best in Rosedale Park!