Get an RPIA T-Shirt

Jan 1st, 2016

Alex Derdelakos


Rosedale residents first printed t-shirts to show their neighborhood pride back in 1980. Glastonbury resident Ben Washburn got the ball rolling on this DIY project - residents did their own silk-screening and printed the shirts themselves!

Fast forward to 2016 - Rosedale Park is celebrating its 100th anniversary, so we have printed up a new batch of t-shirts, using the same vintage 1980 design.

We have unisex shirts in burgundy or teal, sizes S-M-Lg-XLg-2Xlg-3XLg. We also have a ladies-style shirt that is oatmeal with burgundy printing, sizes S-M-Lg-XLg-2XLg. And we have kids shirts in burgundy or teal, sizes S-M-Lg-XLg.

We are selling these shirts at vintage 1980 prices - most shirts are $6 ea, kids shirts are $5 ea. Add $1 for 2X sizes, add $2 for 3X sizes.

These shirts are available for sale at all RPIA Membership Meetings, at the North Rosedale Park Community House, 18445 Scarsdale, at 7 pm on these dates: