New Neighbor

Jan 1st, 2016

Alex Derdelakos


If you're a new resident of Rosedale Park, we welcome you to one of Detroit's finest neighborhoods. Founded in 1916, Rosedale Park has received official historic designation from the Detroit City Council - our beautiful homes exhibit unique architectural features, both inside and out.

Rosedale Park Improvement Association (RPIA) is the neighborhood association that represents residents of the 1600 homes in Rosedale Park. RPIA has compiled an excellent set of resources to familiarize you with all the programs and activities available in our area, as well as your responsibilities as a good neighbor. These resources are contained in our "New Neighbor Kit" - you can access the online version here.

If you would prefer to receive a hard copy of the materials, please send an email request to our New Neighbor Kit Coordinator Jill Laufer at

Welcome to the neighborhood!