Statement and Candlelight Event Against Racism and Police Brutality

Jun 3rd, 2020

Alex Derdelakos

Stephanie A. Young, President
Rosedale Park Improvement Association
13th Congressional District Precinct Delegate 324

As the mother of two African-American twenty-something sons, I was deeply impacted by the video of Mr. George Floyd’s public murder at the hands (knee) of a white police officer with a history of abuse.  I stand against systemic, overt, hidden racism and police brutality in any form.  Black Lives Matter.  My voice and those of residents in Rosedale Park will not be silenced.  Change must happen now!  Residents of Grandmont Rosedale are invited to join in a solidarity event this Friday, June 5th at 9:40pm.  We are lighting candles and standing at the end of our driveways denouncing the unjust death of Mr. George Floyd and so many others for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the time it took to end Mr. Floyd’s life.  Please join us as we show our support for racial justice and equality. – Stephanie A. Young