UCHC and MLS are closing the offices to the public until further notice

Mar 17th, 2020

Alex Derdelakos

COVID-19 Notice | March 17, 2020

All persons seeking assistance from the United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC) or Michigan Legal Services (MLS):

Due to the current public health concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, UCHC and MLS are closing the offices to the public until further notice. We will be reevaluating the situation daily to determine when it is safe to reopen the office. For regular updates, please visit our website and social media pages.


If you have a pending tax foreclosure: 

  1. The Wayne County Treasurer has announced they will not foreclose on any properties in 2020! Check the WCT website for current information, Their office was closed to the public as of April 28. You should use this time to apply for tax breaks and get on the right payment plan.

  2. If you are a low-income Detroit homeowner, we recommend you complete the HPTAP poverty tax exemption. You may have gotten a bright yellow application in the mail. Fill it out on your own or come to UCHC when our offices reopen. This is a good idea for all low-income owners, even if you aren’t facing foreclosure.

  3. If you are a low-income owner AND you have back taxes owing to Wayne County Treasurer, the HPTAP could help you qualify for the new payment plan call “PAYS” This plan can significantly reduce debt. Those who were approved in 2019 or early 2020 should get a letter from WCT in April with instructions for getting on the PAYS plan when their offices reopen.

  4. For more information about HPTAP and PAYS, as well as a link to the HPTAP application, go to

  5. If you are interested in the Make It Home program, call Meghan Bishop 313-963-3310 x339. This program may not operate this year due to the foreclosure moratorium.

  6. If you need to reach us regarding an immediate tax matter, please call our tax hotline at (313) 405-7726 and leave a clear message with a number to reach you – OR – you can email us at We will be checking both regularly.

If you need help regarding a landlord-tenant or other eviction matter:

  1. The 36th District Court has announced that it will be closed until May 15. No new cases will be filed or heard during this period. We assume all cases scheduled will be adjourned for 3 weeks, BUT THE COURT WILL MAIL NOTICE OF YOUR NEW HEARING DATE.

  2. If you currently have a judgment, you could be facing an eviction when the court reopens. If you need assistance call (313) 355-3352 or email us at We will be checking these regularly.

If you have a payment to make:

We will be accepting payments by mail HOWEVER do not mail cash and be sure to keep your money order receipt. While it is unlikely, sometimes mail does not make it to the destination and we can’t be responsible for the US Mail. Money orders should be made payable to UCHC and mailed to us at 2727 2nd Avenue, Suite 313, Detroit, MI 48201.

For any other issues or questions:
Email clearly stating your issue or question so we can direct you to the appropriate staff. We will attempt to resolve as many issues as possible by phone or e-mail. 

We understand that this is a very trying time for everyone as we seek to provide the best possible housing services while protecting public health and safety. Please bear with us and stay safe.


​Ted Phillips, Executive Director                 and       Marilyn Mullane, Executive Director
United Community Housing Coalition                   Michigan Legal Services