Block Captains

2024 Block Party Application

Mar 11th, 2024

Alex Derdelakos

Click here to download the 2024 Block Party Application

Included in page 3 is information regarding new barracade requirements

Rosedale Park Block Captain Toolkits

Aug 1st, 2023

Alex Derdelakos

Rosedale Block Captains’


Welcome to the Rosedale Block Captains’ Toolkit, a collection of resources, forms, flyers, and City of Detroit Department of Neighborhoods informational booklets.  We make these documents available to the volunteers who serve as Rosedale block captains, as well as all residents of our community and other interested Detroiters.

Some material will be of interest or use to block captains only; other material is helpful to all residents.  Feel free to browse and download/print as you choose.

If you have additional questions, please contact one of our Block Captain Coordinators:

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Roles and Responsibilities of Rosedale Block Captains

            Outlines the major activities Rosedale block captains engage in.

Rosedale Block Responsibilities

In some cases, block residents decide to establish a steering committee of 4-6 residents
to share the jobs; this document provides a clear division of labor.

Block Roster Template

A blank template for storing the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses
of all the residents on a block; helpful format and easy to use.

New Neighbor Information Form

A blank template for collecting the names and contact information of new neighbors on your block.

City of Detroit Resource Guide, 2023 edition

Published by the Department of Neighborhoods, this 26-page booklet provides names and contact information for various City officials and departments; also includes contact information for many Detroit and Wayne County agencies and resources.

RPIA Courtesy Card

An easy way to send a gentle reminder to a neighbor about various small infractions;
check the box(es), add the street address and a stamp, and drop it into a mailbox.

Block Party Application

All the information and forms to apply for permission to hold a block party
on your block, including shutting down the block to traffic.  Must be completed and turned in at the offices of the Detroit Police Department 8th precinct 30 days ahead of the party date.

Dog Ownership Information & Animal Control FAQ

Two different flyers from Detroit Animal Care and Control (DACC); includes info regarding licensing, rabies vaccinations, ordinances for controlling your dog in public spaces, restrictions on how long a resident may leave a dog tethered, and much more. 

Fireworks Limits (Michigan law)

A flyer explaining the Michigan law limiting the days and hours when residents can shoot off fireworks.

Courville Container Time Limits

Detroit ordinance specifies when you can put your container out and when you must bring it back in.

No Parking on Unpaved Surfaces

Detroit ordinance specifies that cars cannot be parked on lawns or any unpaved surfaces.

No Mini-bikes on Detroit Streets or Sidewalks

Mini-bikes cannot be ridden legally on Detroit streets or sidewalks – they are not “street legal.”

Park Information Flyer

Information and contact numbers for mowing, trash pick-ups, equipment repairs, permits for events, and general parks hotline.

Detroit Dept. of Public Works Comprehensive Brochure on Waste Disposal – 2023 ed.

A 4-page complete explanation of the policies and requirements governing solid waste disposal in the City of Detroit, including garbage, bulk waste, recycling, and yard waste.  Includes the annual schedule and information to request a paid pick-up for construction debris, etc.

Detroit DPW Yard Waste Flyer

Detailed explanations specifically for yard waste disposal.

Top 10 Blight Violations in the City of Detroit

Just what it sounds like…includes information on rental property infractions, excessive weed/plant growth, bulk waste, inoperable vehicles, time limits on Courville containers, rodents, snow/ice accumulation, lead clearance, and graffiti.

How to Build A Blockbuster Block Club

A comprehensive 35-page handbook by Rosedale resident Ben Washburn, the original builder of Rosedale’s Block Captain Network and a community organizer nonpareil.